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Highlights of WWDC 2023: Innovations Galore, from Vision Pro to iOS 17

As the curtains close on another year of WWDC, the abundance of announcements at the June 5 keynote event left us in awe.



From the groundbreaking Vision Pro to the impressive watchOS redesign, there was an array of standout features. The subsequent developer videos provided deeper insights into the accessibility enhancements and showcased the innovative applications of visionOS.



Here at iMore, we are still processing the multitude of features that have us thrilled, whether they come in the form of software or hardware. So, taking this into account, we’ve decided to share with you our individual picks for the most exciting announcement from WWDC 2023.

StandBy Takes the Stage in iOS 17




When it comes to new software, we all anticipate fresh and enticing features. In iOS 17, no feature is as invigorating as StandBy. It introduces a delightful and tailored experience for those working at a desk, transforming your iPhone into an indispensable companion.




With dedicated functionalities such as a music player, timer display, clock, widget hub, and live score tracker, StandBy breathes new life into your iPhone. Even in its current beta stage with a few bugs, it has already become an integral part of my device, surpassing other features in terms of usage. Now, when my phone is not in use, it doubles as a smart display, allowing me to effortlessly control my lights and enjoy music. It’s truly remarkable.


iOS 17: A Plethora of Enhancements



While I must admit that all the software updates look rather impressive, my heart lies with my iPhone, my most cherished and frequently used device. Although the updates may not be revolutionary, they bring a wealth of practical improvements that amplify the value of our existing hardware. FaceTime and Messages are receiving upgrades for a more engaging and personalized user experience.




Contact posters and NameDrop add flair and expedite the sharing of contact information. Check-In brings peace of mind by ensuring our loved ones arrive at their destinations safely. Autocorrect is becoming even smarter, guaranteeing it won’t mistakenly replace our preferred choice of words.



Personally, I’ve been contemplating rekindling my journaling habit, and iOS 17 offers the perfect solution with its new Journal app that seamlessly blends photos with text. At the very least, I’ll be utilizing it to create captivating travel journals.

Vision Pro: The Future of Augmented Reality



Apologies for stating the obvious, but Apple Vision Pro has the potential to be one of the most groundbreaking Apple products ever created. It is a game changer in the realm of augmented reality and spatial computing. While Apple may have arrived late to the headset party, it’s clear they are playing a different game altogether. The level of innovation in Apple’s headset surpasses anything previously announced in this field, despite its premium price tag.



Early reviews from those who have had hands-on experience confirm its authenticity, and I am completely sold. What excites me the most is that this is just the initial iteration of Apple Vision Pro; I eagerly anticipate witnessing the future developments Apple has in store for this remarkable product.

WWDC 2023: An Unforgettable Journey WWDC 2023 will be forever etched in our memories, not solely due to Vision Pro, but also due to the multitude of features that were unveiled. From widgets to StandBy, each update brought significant enhancements, with iPadOS 17 catching up to Apple’s other products by finally introducing lock screen widgets to the tablet.

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