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PS2 Official Dual Shock 2 Black Controller

PS2 Official Dual Shock 2 Black Controller



  • Accessory Type: Controller

  • Accessory Compatibility: Playstation 2

Product Description

The DualShock 2 features analogue and digital control in addition to the patented vibration DualShock function. Games are now even more absorbing and easier to learn at the same time. Compatible with all PlayStation games in either digital or analogue mode, in addition to all PlayStation 2 games--it's the standard controller for PlayStation 2--the Dual Shock 2 delivers an even more instinctive, intuitive experience than ever before.


  • Comfortable analogue controller
  • Buttons register both duration and amount of pressure
  • 2 convex analog thumb pads
  • 2 force-feedback solenoids, which rumble independently

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